Adam Krause Adam G. Krause

About Me

I am an artist and designer working in various media, particularly digital art and design. I'm an Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop CS6, and I'm eager to become an Adobe Certified Expert as well.

I do a lot of my brainstorming and sketching with paper and pencil, as it allows me to generate ideas without always having to rely on technology. That being said, digital and traditional media are the perfect combo when used well together, and I love mixing both to create amazing new things.

In addition to my artistic side, I'm also into the literary arts, and I have a bachelor's degree in English from Wayne State University. I'm an avid reader, storyteller, and lover of language, all of which contribute to my creative process. I've recently begun working with sequential visual storytelling, and I plan to experiment further.

Thanks for checking out my page. Feel free to drop me a line!


Adam Krause